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Shafat Khan

Shafat Khan

Change Manager


Favorite book: The DaVinci Code

Passionate about: Ethical Clothing Production and Consumption

What motivates you? Learning something new everyday.

Shafat Khan focuses on supporting young people to find their inner changemaking power. He was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Virginia. Currently based in Washington, D.C, he founded his own fair trade clothing organization in 2017 focused on supporting women within rural villages in India and in the process, created a systemic positive shift in women’s employment within the villages he worked in. 


Ashoka has many media partners that are dedicated to spreading the everyone a changemaker message. Some of our partners are below.

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Ashoka partners with the most innovative corporations ready to co-create a multi-faceted partnership that engages various parts of their business. Ashoka looks for corporations that embrace changemaking culture internally with their employees as well as within their broader business.

Over the years Ashoka Youth Years US has partnered with over 50 corporations to encourage tens of thousands of young people to become changemakers and grow changemaking culture within their businesses.


Youth serving organizations in our network value changemaking culture for their employees as well as the young people they work with.  They help grow changemaker mindsets in their employees and provide opportunities for youth to practice empathy and changemaking at various points in their day.