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Tia Johnston Brown

Tia Johnston Brown

Executive Director – Ashoka’s Youth Venture


First changemaking experience: For the first week of pre-school I took care of a girl who refused to talk anyone. She has been my friend for life.

Favorite family tradition: Dance parties.

What motivates you? My team.

Favorite quote: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

Tia has been at Ashoka for almost two decades.  She is the Executive  Director of Youth Years US where she is working towards creating an “everyone a changemaker world”- a world in which we all feel powerful enough to create change day to day. Grounded in early experience in the Middle East, Tia has pioneered the expansion of programs in twenty countries including creation of franchise and licensing models. Innovative strategies spark youth to develop skills in the area of problem solving, team building, and entrepreneurial skill sets, creating the workforce and life skills required for the rapidly changing world. Core to her work has been partnership development and management including companies such as Starbucks, Adobe, Nike and T-Mobile along with public organizations ranging from teachers unions to university campuses.


Ashoka has many media partners that are dedicated to spreading the everyone a changemaker message. Some of our partners are below.

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Ashoka partners with the most innovative corporations ready to co-create a multi-faceted partnership that engages various parts of their business. Ashoka looks for corporations that embrace changemaking culture internally with their employees as well as within their broader business.

Over the years Ashoka Youth Years US has partnered with over 50 corporations to encourage tens of thousands of young people to become changemakers and grow changemaking culture within their businesses.


Youth serving organizations in our network value changemaking culture for their employees as well as the young people they work with.  They help grow changemaker mindsets in their employees and provide opportunities for youth to practice empathy and changemaking at various points in their day.